This jewel of an island city-state lies at the southernmost tip of the Malay peninsular, a stone’s throw away from Indonesia. Singapore is a hugely sophisticated twenty-first century metropolis with a rich and diverse cultural heritage. It’s captivating, it’s glamorous, and we absolutely love it.

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Singapore: Garden City


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Ever since it’s expulsion from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore has gone from strength to strength and has quickly transformed from a colonial-era port town to the economic centre of Southeast Asia.

Travellers, tourists and frequent flyers alike pass through Singapore on a daily basis, often not staying longer than a couple of days, barely taking the time to look around. While Singapore is not known as a typical backpacker destination, if you know where to look you can find some hidden gems that turn Singapore from a stop-over city to a final destination.

Skyscrapers rise over the glittering harbourfront, decorating an iconic skyline which includes the awe-inspiring boat-topped hotel; Marina Bay Sands, and the beautiful supertrees that form part of the Gardens by the Bay.

There are so many reasons to explore the city, and there really is something for everyone. Singapore is a true millionaire’s playground that can easily become an underrated treasure island for backpackers.

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