About WMJG

We’re two travel-obsessed twenty-somethings from the UK who gave up our old 9 to 5 lifestyle for something much better.

In early 2020 (yep, right at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic), right off the back of a six-month backpacking trip, we decided to become location-independent and set up our own businesses. The digital nomad lifestyle was calling to us!

We travel slowly, working as we go and really getting to know the places we live. So if you’re looking for location guides that are authentic, insightful and unique, you’ve come to the right place.

On our site, you’ll find lovingly curated destination guides, travel and backpacking advice, lifestyle articles and tips on becoming a digital nomad.

Let us inspire you to embark on the journey of a lifetime or just live life a little differently.


Nick and Hollie


Nick was born in the county of Essex in the East of England. A science nerd with a degree in biochemistry, Nick is a problem-solver with an analytical brain. Having spent the last few years as ‘English Teacher Extraordinaire’ and a master of small talk, Nick has recently launched his freelance web development business: Hyphen Coding.

Optimistic until the very end, Nick is We Might Just Go’s chief dreamer. In a life of travel and the constant unknown, this is a crucial role within the WMJG dream team.

Nick is known for his glorious head of hair, kind heart, trivia talent, grandad-style grumpiness, obsession with sport (EVERY sport), irrational hatred of snow and fireworks and for being an all-round cool dude (in his opinion).


Originally from Kent in the Southeast of England, Hollie is We Might Just Go’s resident wordsmith. An editor, proofreader and copywriter by trade, Hollie runs her own business offering editorial services to clients around the world.

When she’s not fixing typos and rearranging sentences, Hollie can usually be found daydreaming or poring over her Kindle. Chief planner and organiser, Hollie keeps We Might Just Go on the straight and narrow, ensuring that there’s a splash of sense for every bucket of nonsense.

Hollie is known for her generous heart, fierce loyalty, weird sense of humour, quick temper, nerdy fascination with planes and trains and obsession with strange-looking dogs.

Our Journey


We’re Nick and Hollie, two travel-obsessed twenty-somethings from the UK. This craziness all started in September 2019 when we gave up our flat and jobs and took a flight across the world.

We’ve been together for nearly 10 years, having met at the University of Southampton. In January 2020, on a beautiful beach on our favourite Thai island, Nick got down on one knee and we agreed to spend the rest of our lives together!

2019–2020 saw us backpack Southeast Asia, fully embracing the budget traveller lifestyle. We explored at our own pace, slowly, taking time to get to know somewhere before moving on.

We woke up early to catch sunrises and spent our evenings chasing sunsets. We saw what felt like a billion gorgeous temples and the most jaw-dropping scenery. We hiked through tropical jungles and climbed treacherous mountains. We partied on Khao San Road and spent days in a hammock on a tiny paradise island. We stayed in backpacker hostels and mosquito-filled beach huts. We lived off streetside noodles and our fair share of $1 beer.

We had the best six months imaginable! We explored Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, but then along came COVID-19 and sent us packing back to England.

On returning home, we realised something in our hearts had changed forever. The normal 9 to 5 lifestyle just wasn’t the right fit for us; we needed freedom to roam. So we took the plunge and made the scary decision to set up online businesses and work for ourselves.

While the pandemic was wreaking havoc around the world and the global travel industry ground to a halt, our businesses gathered speed. In the autumn of 2020, we escaped the UK for a two-month trip to Portugal to test the remote working lifestyle. It’s safe to say we loved it.

After spending much of early 2021 in the UK under lockdown restrictions, we finally managed another short trip abroad – this time to beautiful Lisbon. In autumn 2021, we went on our first long-term trip as digital nomads: Mexico, finished off by two months in Alicante, Spain.

Asia – the special place where our dreams of freedom really began to take shape – was calling our names, big time. We were desperate to test out this lifestyle in Asia and resume our travels, since there are so many places we haven’t been. January 2023 saw us return to Thailand, finally, and we hope to also spend time in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

If you’re thinking of backpacking and you don’t know where to start, or you’re just looking to live life a little differently, then you’re in the right place.

Let us inspire you to get out and explore the world.

Delve into our lovingly curated WMJG location guides, survival guides and handy backpacking tips and tricks. Discover hidden gems off the beaten track and learn how to live life on the road. And finally, if we’ve managed to convince you to take the leap, find out how you can make a living online with our guides for digital nomads.

So where are we now? On the beautiful Thai island of Koh Lanta, because we just didn’t fancy the cold, gloomy weather in the UK… We decided ‘screw it, we might just go’, and if you’re interested in where we venture to next, give us a follow and subscribe to our blog. We really hope you’ll join us on our life of adventure.

Nick and Hollie