Malaysia is, by far, one of our favourite destinations in Southeast Asia. Diversity is everywhere you look; in culture, identity, cuisine and landscape. Malaysia has an unfathomable amount to offer any traveller, budget or otherwise, and rest assured, it will keep enticing you back.

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Malaysia: Temples. Beaches. Jungles


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There are so many different sides to Malaysia; from ever-growing, bustling cities to heavenly white sand beaches, and lofty hill-stations reminiscent of bygone colonial times, to sprawling tropical jungles. But it’s not just Malaysia’s multi-faceted landscape that has captivated us; it’s the staggering diversity that you find there. Islam permeates Malaysia’s cultural identity, but you’ll also find an abundance of international, predominantly Chinese and Indian, influences. 

For us, the food is quite simply some of the best we have found in Southeast Asia ‒ Malay cuisine is to die for, but when you’re ravenous for international options, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Now despite all this, Malaysia is often missed off the usual backpacker route across Southeast Asia. The sheer size of the country probably has a part to play in decision making ‒ anyone on a short-term trip may not be able to do it justice. What’s more, planning a route can be challenging ‒ Malaysia sprawls across two separate land masses, meaning you’ll experience different weather all over the country at any time.

Malaysia has huge ambitions to enhance the experience it offers visitors, and is keen to develop a tourist-centric outlook and infrastructure to match. From what we’ve seen, this is largely in place already ‒ transport is cheap and well-organised, accommodation is of high quality, and you generally feel safe when you’re out and about.

Visiting Malaysia is only going to get easier, and more rewarding. It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s something on offer for everyone. Believe us, you’ll wonder why you put off visiting for as long as you did.

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